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In a nutshell

Lead Designer and Manager

UX, Product, Industrial, and Retail design

With 11 years of experience in product design, industrial, retail, user experience design for a variety of customers and companies worldwide. Today, combining physical product design, digital e-commerce approach, design strategy, and market strategy, me and a team design and strategize for the major retailers in the world, bringing new innovative products to the table, changing and pushing forward many markets. Recently, as part of a very important path as a Design Manager for Retail and Experience design (Asia Pacifico and GCR) inside the PepsiCo Design Team, I’ve worked on the development of many projects like E-commerce, POSM, retail, and experience spaces for a variety of Brands and crossovers such as Lays, Gatorade, Pepsi Black, and Disneyland.


During many years of my career, I have been working on a variety of projects that has design as the major driving force. Design is a tool for change, from emotional to useful achievements, I believe that design is a mix between feeling and crafts, it's the ability to nurture, synthesize, and create useful and feasible outcomes.

Shanghai / China  |  Tel: +86 15800341149

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