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My design process


Design is not only following the basic process steps and coming up with “out of the box” ideas.

An infinite range of stakeholders, touchpoints, and constraints exists and they should be considered at all stages.


My thought process is deeply related to business goals, and for me, design is a tool that helps organizations and teams to achieve success by adressing the right problems in society. All based on the 3P’s, People, planet and profit.

the steps for real innovation and success

Design is a powerful part of a holistic system that drives and will continue driving modern society, and there is no difference between designing a new service or a new car, the differences are the problems that people encounter that will lead you to the right solutions.


I drive teams to perform full holistic research, iteration, and information gathering to ensure the correct user-centric outcome based on real user experience.



It's possible to explain my design process by showing you pictures and paragraphs, but it's not that effective, right?

If you are interested, please call me via Zoom or phone.

I can pitch some important projects, thoughts, and give more detailed explanations.

Let's schedule our first meet up!

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