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Making grocery shopping more fun, engaging and gamified

Playing with discounts, checkout, products and shopping clusters

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Project Background

Groome is an startup from the EU in the initial phases of funding and development. The idea behind the app is to gamify the shopping experience and incentivize customers to shop frequently and efficiently by rewarding them with points, badges, and discounts.

The app aims to address the common challenges faced by customers while grocery shopping, such as long queues, overwhelming product choices, and difficulty in finding specific products. By gamifying the shopping experience, customers are more likely to stay engaged and motivated to complete their shopping lists.

The app will also feature a personalized recommendation system based on shopping history and preferences to enable customers on discovering new products that align with those preferences and help them make assertive purchase decisions.


1) Balancing gamification and practicality
2) Managing visual overload
3) Incorporating personalization
4) Ensuring ease of use
5) Managing Engagement

Starting Point

The first step was to define the project requirements, including its features, functionalities, target audience, and business goals. This step involved conducting market research, analyzing competition, and defining Groome's value proposition.

One of the most important parts was the understanding of the gaming culture and how to create custom animations and graphics to keep the experience engaging, sexy, follow brand guidelines and remain easier for engineering development.

Challenges Explained

1) Balancing gamification and practicality

The app needs to be both enjoyable and practical. The gamification elements, such as gems, badges and coins should not distract users from their primary goal of shopping for groceries. The app should strike a balance between fun and functionality.

2) Managing visual overload

With a wide range of products and categories, it was essential to ensure the app's design is visually appealing and user-friendly. However, too much visual stimulation can lead to confusion and overwhelm users. The app should have a clear hierarchy of information and use simple, intuitive visual cues.

3) Incorporating personalization

Personalization was essential to enhance the user experience at Groome. However, incorporating personalization into a gamified grocery app can be challenging, as it requires gathering and analyzing user data. The product needs to strike the right balance between personalization and privacy. The collection of data is mostly focused on understanding buying behaviors use those behaviors to engage users on increasing their basked size with addition of discounts and points through gems and gathered purchase points.


4) Ensuring ease of use

It's a given, Groome needed to be easy to use, even for users who are not tech-savvy. The navigation should be intuitive, and the app should be accessible to users with different abilities and goals.

5) Managing Engagement

Gamification is about keeping users engaged and motivated. However, maintaining user engagement can be challenging in the long run. The app needs to come up with new challenges, rewards, and incentives to keep users coming back. This would also depend on partnerships with brands to ensure that shopping with Groome would create additional value.

UI & Design System

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Funding & Business Goals

The main goal was to create an understandable and valuable experience for the users, and by the use of research, demonstrate this value in numbers, bringing to the table data related to customer loyalty, revenue projection, customer engagement, and brand awareness to be able to unleash the rounds of investment and leverage the product.

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